Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!


Life is never dull at Onalaska Middle School!

We just finished our Parent/Teacher/Student conferences and they were a huge success!

All of our students were able to show their families what they are doing in the classroom and how they were performing on assessments.  We also had a new twist to our conferences this year.  We had all of our allied teachers out in the LMC for parents to stop by and visit.  This was an attempt to make those connections easier for families who may have been scheduled with a classroom teacher but also wanted to meet with the allied teachers.  Please let us know what you think about the change.

Science Expo

Over the last several months, many of our students have been participating in our first annual Science Expo.  This is an event that allowed students who have an interest in science to explore those interests and demonstrate their knowledge of a given subject.

The students displayed their projects on the bookshelves for all visitors to see.  We had experiments that tested the speed an animal can complete a maze, measured electrolytes in a sports drink, and determined whether or not temperature affected the bounce height of a tennis ball.

Science Expo is one of the options our current 8th graders can complete in order to receive the Hilltopper Award or the Mountaineer Award.  These two awards are a systematize approach to our enrichment programs here at OMS.  Next year, we would like to expand those programs to 6th and 7th grades as well.

Thanks to all who participated in Science Expo and a special thanks to all of the science teachers at OMS for getting this wonderful program up off the ground.

Mr. K

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