Monday, June 18, 2012


Summer is change.  Kids grow....quickly.  Temperatures rise. Principals become more efficient.

As I sit at my computer and type my thoughts, I am constantly looking over my shoulder for a student or staff member to come knocking on my door.  For the last nine months, that is what has been occurring.
Don't get me wrong.  I anticipate someone coming in and asking me for help, discussing an issue, or just saying hi.  It's the highlight of my day.  But what develops is a kind of skittish, low level of attention that allows a principal to do his or her job during the school year.  That skittishness is what makes us able to handle many things at once.

With the onset of summer, that hyper-sensitive hearing starts to fade.  A principal is better able to sit at a desk and complete paperwork, finish thoughts, and plan the "next big thing."

But the fading of that super human sense takes time.  Here we are in the second full week of summer vacation and I can still feel my neck wanting to twist and look at my door.  But that desire is not as strong.

Hopefully, by the middle of July, I won't budge when I'm penning my next blog post.  I hope I won't move a muscle when completing emails.  I hope I remain focused reading an education journal.

I have the same hope for all of our staff and students.  May summer grant you serenity and a chance to slow down and enjoy the task at hand.

And not have to see the chiropractor too often. :)

Mr. K

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