Friday, August 9, 2013

Here it Comes!!!

This is art.

This is what makes summer great.

There is no better feeling than gazing upon a freshly waxed floor in your commons and seeing the shine and the reflection of the lights.

It truly is beautiful.

I almost don't want anyone to go in there and make a mess of any kind. :)

It makes me realize that we are getting close to the date in which students will grace our halls again.  We are getting close to the date when the joyous noise will return.  We are getting close to the date when teachers and students will embark on a 9 month journey of discovery and wonderment.

We are getting close to the first day of school.

I realize that we have about a month left until students actually come back.  But this is the best time of year.

Our custodial staff is working hard in a tight time frame to get everything ready for our students.  Along with the floors our custodians are cleaning carpets, windows, and lockers.  They are fixing desks, water heaters, and the air conditioning.

Everything is getting checked out to ensure that it is up to code and ready for our kids in a month.

But I keep coming back to that shine on the commons floor.


We may need to find a different place to eat lunch this year!  :)

See you soon.

Mr. K

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