Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This February the School District of Onalaska will be asking our community to approve three referendum questions to assist in maintaining the high quality of education we currently provide.

As a district, we take our job of educating your children very seriously.  The mission of the school district is "To work together to ensure high levels of learning for all." We collaborate on every topic and decision to ensure that what we are doing is best practice and is beneficial to all of our students.

This past year the School District of Onalaska ranked in the top 3 percent of all school districts in the state of Wisconsin based on the district report card issued by the Department of Public Instruction.  A great accomplishment for sure, but one that our staff, students, and community expect.

From a fiscal standpoint, we operate very lean.  The School District of Onalaska continues to be, per pupil, one of the lowest spending districts in our area at $10,674 per pupil.  The state average is $11,829.

There will be three questions on the referendum next month:
  1. Will voters allow the School District of Onalaska to exceed the State's reveneue limit - $1.9M for two years, $2.1M for three years?
  2. Will voters allow the School District of Onalaska to exceed the revenue limit - $500,000 for technology, for five years?
  3. Will voters allow the School District of Onalaska to borrow $16M for Nothern Hills Elementary School (addition, remodel, and equipment) and Irving Pertzsh Elementary School (convert gym to classrooms, build new gym)?
If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Mr. K

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